What’s In It For You? Becoming a Social Media Marketing Professional

Is it worth becoming a social media marketing professional?

Well, is it?

Think about the following situations…

You might be a newbie freelancer who has no idea what kind of work to do. You see influencers or social media managers earn thousands of dollars.

You might be an employee working in an office or telecommuting. You also happen to be part of your company’s marketing department. You then got information that social media professionals get promoted.

You might be a CEO or entrepreneur who realized that your company needs to grow. You noticed social media can help you in growing your business.

Yes, you might be a freelancer, employee, or business leader. Social media marketing has become a valuable skillset that you MUST USE.

And when you use it, you become part of an industry that has more than 50 million players. You become a social media marketing professional.

It’s great knowing that social media can grow a business or advance career prospects. But aside from that, you ask a question that comes to mind seeing all this potential.


After all, why would you learn to work in social media if you have no idea what you’re going to get out of it?

So in this article, we’re going to look at the following things…

1. Who Are Social Media Marketing Professionals?

2. What Are the Benefits of Being a Social Media Marketing Professional?

3. What’s My Value as a Social Media Marketing Professional?

Let’s get to it…


I’ll make a correct guess. You have at least one social media account. It could either be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. It’s a part of life right now.

But let me tell you this …

If you don’t use your social media accounts to profit, you are wasting your time having one.

There’s so much potential and growth from social media. With that in mind, individuals and groups have used it. They have used social media to get more awareness, promote causes, get more money, and more.

The thing is, not everyone who has a social media account can use social media well.

This is where social media marketing professionals come in. Now let’s define what makes a social media marketing professional.

A social media marketing professional uses social media for themselves and for others.

With that in mind, a social media marketing professional has the …

  • understanding
  • skill
  • experience

…to use social media so that they can profit and help others profit from it as well.

These professionals who work in social media can be any of the following:

1. Generalists

These are people who understand the scope of social media and how it affects a business or a goal.

Usually, they know enough to plan, create, and execute strategies. Also, they tend to help a broader and undifferentiated client base.

Here are some social media marketing professionals in this area:

a. Social Media Managers. These can be a team leader or head or even an individual. They usually manage the social media presence of a company or organization. Most of the time, they do everything or manage people to do this.

b. Social Media Strategists. These are individuals who plan, create, and help execute strategies.

2. Specialists

Usually, businesses or organizations have unique needs in their social media. This is where specialists come in.

They have specialized knowledge. This makes them valuable to a specific target market or audience. Usually, the value they create is not in the specialized service that they provide. They create massive value that creates massive results.

Social media marketing professionals who are specialists are usually:

a. Platform and Technology Experts. Social media is dependent on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It also leverages technologies like messenger marketing, algorithms, or other technical developments. These specialists tend to find ways to maximize these. And when this happens, there are exceptional gains and significant savings.

b. Niche Specialists. What may work in one industry may not work in another. For example, fashion industry experts find it hard to use their skills in the health industry. Every niche harnesses unique rules to succeed. Niche specialists find ways to succeed. And they do this with their intimate knowledge of the industry they are working for.

3. Business Leaders

Yes, social media marketing professionals partner or work for businesses or organizations. But that doesn’t mean that they can’t be industry leaders themselves.

We cannot deny the use of social media in business. That’s why some individuals in social media have leveraged their skills. Some have become leaders industries.

Social media marketing professionals can become the following leaders:

a. Agency Owners. These are entrepreneurs and established business owners. They used their social media skills as a thriving business. They have created businesses that have consistent growth and success.

b. Corporate executives. These are business leaders working in a company. They could either be CEOs, CMOs, or even COOs. With their expertise in social media, they grow thriving companies or organizations.

Knowing who social media marketing professionals are, you can then become one of them.

But the question remains…


Why, indeed, will you learn and become a social media marketing professional.

Here’s the thing, there has been a rise in the number of workers in this industry.

No doubt, they have gotten into this profession because of the following reasons…

1. Financial

Yes, money talks. In social media, a trained professional can earn as much as $50,000 – even more.

And of course, this is more than salaries. It can also include the number of sales, commissions, and other profit. And this can come from the profit generated by using social media.

It isn’t unheard of that some companies and organizations earned millions of dollars. And this is from only a single social media campaign!

So yes, social media marketing professionals recognize that theirs is a lucrative profession.

2. Relevant Skill Set

It is no secret that social media has become a part of everyday life. That’s why an understanding of it can help people with worthy causes.

The skills of a social media marketing professional are useful for providing value. It’s not only in a corporate setting but also for non-profits.

3. Growth Potential

Yes, social media still has the potential to grow. And not only that, but it also helps people reach out to expand their networks.

Now, those are some of the benefits that you can get working in social media.

But to drive it in and add relevance to this information, you have to have an …


People don’t often recognize their real value. This is true, whether it be on a personal or professional level.

But when one has an idea of knowing their value, they are sure to…

  • provide their services with excellence
  • get paid what they are worth
  • find the right target market and audience

That’s why you have to know the potential value of a social media marketing professional.

So you have to go through the following process…

1. Knowing the Right Target Market

There’s a saying that goes like this,

If you sell to everyone, you sell to know one.

Understand that your services will not fit every single potential client or customer. That’s why you have to choose the ideal target market for your service.

2. Knowing the Cost Your Service

Yes, there are industry standards when it comes to getting paid. And since there is consistent growth in the social media industry, it also holds true.

But make no mistake, you can get paid more when you know the cost of doing service to your clients.

3. Knowing the Potential Value You Provide

Of course, businesses hire those who work in social media as a way to gain more.

If you can position yourself as someone who gives them a massive profit, then you are on your way to getting hired.

Being a social media marketing professional has incredible potential nowadays. You should be able to take advantage of this.

Yes, you may find other benefits of working in social media. But if you have no idea how it can benefit you, you can start with this.

Social Media Marketing Courses: What You Should Consider Before Buying One

what you should consider before buying a social media course

It’s time to choose from the many social media marketing courses out there. 


Because you know that it’s going to be worth your time and money to upgrade and increase your skillset. Think about it, you could either be a freelancer, remote worker, or entrepreneur, and you want to …

…see yourself attract more qualified leads, sales, and repeat customers or clients. 

…hear yourself say that you can actually get things done. 

…feel the accomplishment of getting paid better doing an excellent job.

When you invest in learning in an effective course, you not only build up yourself. You also get to add more value to your present and potential clients. 

But let’s face it, there are tons of courses to choose from! Where do you even begin? 

Whether you like it or not, choosing from all the social media marketing courses can help you. Or it can be a waste of time, effort, and money. 

You don’t exactly have all the time and money in the world to buy all the courses out there. It’s better to perform due diligence before purchasing the course that’s right for you. 

So in this article, we’re going to look at …

  1. What You Need to Consider For Yourself 
  2. What To Avoid 
  3. What To Look For and What to Do Next 

…in considering the right one among all the social media marketing courses out there. 

Let’s start…

What You Need to Consider For Yourself 

You can’t dive into something without considering how it will affect you. The same thing holds true in choosing from the many courses out there. Look at the following things before committing your time, money, and effort. 


You need to ask yourself why you need to buy a social media course. Decide if you’re doing this for business, freelancing career, or to upgrading your skillset. It’s easier to get into the curriculum and finish it when you have clarity in your goals. Otherwise, you’re going to waste your time and money. 


When you buy any online course, it’s not only an investment in money. You also have to consider the time and effort you put into it. Because let’s face it, buying a course does not make you an expert. You have to use the resources of time and energy. You also need to practice to make sure that you will get the best bang for your buck. 


Of course, the motivation for buying an online course means you will gain an expanded skill set. But if that is the only thing that you will get, then you get limited gains from your investment. If the online course you bought does not give you access to… 

  • reputable mentors
  • improved communication skills 
  • network-building opportunities 

…then the course won’t be worth it.

Of course, there are other considerations that you have for yourself. But start with those three before leaping off to buy that course. 

When you have an idea about what you want to get out of the potential social media marketing course that you’ll buy, you’d need to know …

What To Avoid 

Let’s face it, it’s actually easy to create a “course.” Every wannabe guru can list down potential topics and create content out of it. Sooner or later, they will market it to sorry individuals. These same individuals will then experience buyer’s remorse. And there’s regret after purchasing a shoddy “social media marketing course.” 

That’s why you have to consider the following things as well before being prey to those “gurus.”


If the course is content without actionable steps, consider it a red flag. Remember, you don’t buy a course because of content. You bought it for the steps it will give you to become skilled or experienced. Worse still, you can google the content that they are selling. You don’t want that! You’re not paying for someone to search Google to give you the answers. 


Yes, there are courses out there that aren’t relevant anymore. But there are still people buying them because of marketing hype. Don’t fall into the trap of purchasing an outdated course because of hype. It will do harm to your reputation when you act on their irrelevant advice. 


You’ve seen a lot of advertising online about these courses. An effective advertising campaign to sell it would show promise. But if it shows too much hype, you have to be careful. Because you don’t need the hype. You are after the substance that will help bring your skills up. 


Sure, the course may have the best and up to date content. But if there is no accountability in… 

  • customer support
  • mentorship
  • practice opportunities 

…you’re better off not buying that course. A practical course aims to help you. It guarantees your success – not in skills but also in growth opportunities. 

You don’t want to experience buyer’s remorse. Don’t limit your decision to the hype. You need to get your goals straight and perform due diligence. 

That’s why you’ll need to know … 

What To Look For and What To Do Next 

Look at the following things before purchasing and committing to your choice.


You are getting skills out of a course. In learning skills, there should be up to date and relevant content. The content should be actionable. Ask yourself … 

  • What topics do they cover in their curriculum? 
  • Is what they’re teaching relevant to you and your goals? 

What to Do: 

  1. Look at your goals and the reasons why you need to take the course 
  2. Look at the potential courses you are buying and their outlines. Make sure that there are clear descriptions of each topic.
  3. Compare their outlines and see which ones will fit your unique goals and needs.


A good teacher can turn even the most boring subject into a joy to learn. A bad instructor can turn even the most exciting topic to torture tools. And better yet, you need to look for instructors who invest their time in your success. They go beyond mere resource persons and become mentors, who provide lasting value. Ask yourself …

  • Do they have reputable, and even certified, instructors? 
  • Do they give you access or ways to communicate with their instructors? 
  • Can you get mentorship or apprenticeship from their instructors? 

What to Do: 

  1. Note who the instructor or instructors are.
  2. Search online for information about the instructors or instructors in: 
    1. Websites 
    2. Social Media 
    3. Other online profiles
    4. News
  3. Connect with people who took the online course and ask them about the instructors.


Learning and building a skillset doesn’t come in a vacuum. You need a community to interact with. This community can not only help you develop your skills. It can also be a potential source of customers or clients. It’s also a way to be accountable in building yourself as an expert and a professional. Ask Yourself…

  • Do they have a community as part of their efforts in learning? 
  • Is their community committed to helping you succeed? 

What to Do: 

  1. Look at their offer and see if they also have an “exclusive group” as part of the course features.
  2. Connect with people who took the course. Get information on whether they have an active community or not.


With your goals in mind, you need to weigh in your resources. You have to count the cost of investing in a program. Of course, this isn’t about money. You also have to consider the energy, effort, and time. And let’s not forget the potential that you are aiming at. Ask Yourself…

  • Does the course fit with your current resources (time, money,.and effort)?
  • Does the potential outweigh the costs? 

What to Do: 

  1. Consider the resources you have. 
  2. Consider the potential payoff you will get once you have finished the course. 


The marketing must have persuaded you. You want a course that is effective for you and your business, career, or employment. You want something that will not only add to your credentials but also give you a useful skillset. Ask yourself…

  • How many successes has this course created? 
  • Can the course give guarantees of its effectivity? 

What to Do: 

  1. Consider the feedback on the course. 
  2. Reach out to people who have taken the course. 
  3. Find out if there is a money-back guarantee. 

You deserve to get ahead in the game. Whether you are a…

  • freelancer 
  • entrepreneur 
  • remote worker

…investing in your skills is going to be worth your while. With this guide, you can have a more informed decision-making process. 

After all, you deserve the right investment for your learning and goals.

What Social Media Marketing Professionals Must Know

What makes a competent and capable social media marketing professional

Consider the following scenarios…

Jack is a newbie freelancer. He finally decided to become a social media manager. But with so much information out there, he doesn’t know where to begin. 

Gina is a fresh college graduate of marketing. Luckily she got hired in a large insurance company with a big marketing department. She got assigned as a social media specialist because of her training. But she didn’t actually study social media in university. In fact, she’s overwhelmed. Why? She only knows how to post on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. She has no idea how social media works. 

Joe finally built a second branch of his restaurant. His possibilities are endless! So he decided to try his hand on learning how social media works. But with a lot of tasks and responsibilities around, he doesn’t have the time to do it. So he’s thinking of looking for someone to handle social media. The problem is, he doesn’t know who to look for. 

These individuals have no idea what a social media marketing professional is. They also have no idea what this kind of specialist must know to become successful. 

And you reading this… 

You might be someone who wants to know what a social media marketing professional must know. Because beyond the title…

Social media marketing professionals perform an essential role in growing a business today. 

Here’s the surprising thing…

A LOT of social media marketing professionals don’t know what they’re doing.

It’s both amusing and alarming to know. 

If only knowing how to use Facebook or Instagram makes someone a “social media marketer”, then it’s a red flag. Because there’s more to social media marketing than that. 

Consider this… 

There are more than 50 million social media marketing companies, agencies, and freelancers around the world. 

And here you are, a freelancer, remote or office-based worker, or entrepreneur. Imagine competing or choosing from them. 

What do you have to do next? 

Well, start by knowing what a social media marketing professional MUST KNOW. And in this article, we will look at the essentials that you need to look for in becoming or choosing one. 

We’re going to look at… 

1. What a Social Media Marketing Professional Provides

2. The Core Competencies of A Social Media Marketing Professional 

3. The Level of Mastery 

So let’s get into it. 

What a Social Media Marketing Professional Gives To Its Employers and Clients

Be careful, be very careful… 

If someone claims to be a “social media manager” or “social media marketer” and their knowledge and skill set are limited. It’s not in your interest to learn or hire from them. 


Their limit will spell the demise of your career or business. 

So when looking for a social media marketing professional, they should have at least an understanding of the following: 

1. Planning, Creating and Executing Strategy 

2. Content Creation and Publishing 

3. Management of Accounts and Groups 

4. Leads, Conversions, and Retentions 

5. Feedback and Insight 


The social media marketing professional you choose should have a grasp of strategy. Or, if you already have an idea in place, they should be able to execute it according to their skills and experience. 

They need to think in a strategic way of teaching you or helping you grow your career or business. 


When people think about social media, they not only think of the platforms (Facebook, Instagram, etc.). They also think of the posts that come out. This can be video, text, images, and a lot of different things. 

This is content. A social media marketing professional should know how to handle this. This includes planning, creating, and sharing it across the vast social media landscape.

And along with strategy, people working in social media have to work on this most of the time. 


The term social media often associates with platforms and communities. Social media workers work on managing social media accounts on social media platforms. Not to mention handling the communities that revolve around them.

If you want to work in social media, you have to handle and optimize these accounts and groups. If you are looking to hire a professional, you should also see that they have an idea of how to handle this. 


Every business needs leads, conversions, and retentions. Why? Because these bring in the lifeblood of a business – CASH. Here’s how… 

  • Leads. These are potential or future customers – prospects. While at the moment, they won’t give business cash, with the help of social media they can become…
  • Conversions. These are first time sales. This is the point where they buy and become converted by the efforts of marketing. A social media marketing professional will know how to do this. And along with getting sales for businesses,  a social media worker will also get …
  • Retentions. More cash, profit, or revenue is not limited to first time sales. It happens when customers come back for more. This is retention. A social media professional knows how to get customers to come back for more.


In a world full of noise, there is a lack of relevant feedback and insight. Your business or career needs this to succeed. With professionals out there, the absence of feedback and insight is baffling. 

Feedback lets you know what needs to improve in your business or career. It becomes a mirror that shows you as you are. Insight provides you with an understanding that makes you better. 

A competent professional working in social media will provide you feedback and insight. This, in turn, will help drive your career or business. 

Now that we have an idea what a social media marketing professional can provide or teach us let’s look at … 

The Core Competencies of A Social Media Marketing Professional

Let me say this, 

If you only know how to use Facebook or any social media platform, you don’t deserve to be called a social media marketing professional. 

It’s harsh, I know. But we learned what a competent social media professional gives you. 

Now, let’s look at the Core Competencies that make the best social media marketing professional. These are…

1. Marketing Strategy 

2. Branding 

3. Content Creation and Management

4. Lead Generation 

5. Platforms and Technologies 

6. Client/Customer Acquisition and Retention 


The professionals you hire should knowledge of how marketing works. 

At its very essence, social media marketing is marketing on steroids. What does that mean? With the power of the internet, it can multiply any marketing effort. 

If you’re looking for someone to harness this, you need someone who understands marketing strategy. Marketing strategy uses the concepts of marketing to plan, create, and execute marketing. It’s used to grow a business. Combined with social media, it becomes a powerhouse that grows a business. 

So if a potential mentor or professional has no idea how this will work for your business or career, then don’t hesitate to let them go. 


At its very core, branding is the identity that our business and career show to the outside world. And when executed well, it not only attracts potential customers. It also makes us trustworthy, full of authority and sought after. 

A social media professional MUST KNOW THIS. They have to be able, or at least have the potential, to build their own brands. Because if they haven’t practiced it on themselves, why would you trust them to handle teaching and helping you with branding? 


Content is king. You can’t attract your target audience or market without making this. And the material that you produce for yourself or your business needs to attract, engage, convert, and keep the loyalty of your audience. 

A social media marketing professional knows how to make the right content. And this should entertain, educate, and enlighten. This professional should also be able to teach you how to do it on your own. 


We’ve talked about leads earlier. Now here’s another thing about it…

Leads are your captive audience. 

Imagine your marketing effort as buying your ideal customers or clients. But it starts with getting them as leads. When they become your leads, you can engage and create a relationship with them to get a sale finally. 

A social media marketing professional knows how to turn a cold audience into leads. This will become your best customers. 


Social media won’t exist if there are no platforms and technologies to support it. Starting with the internet and the rise of platforms and communities, it’s growing at an astounding pace. 

An understanding of these platforms and technologies will help you in advancing in your career or business. So a professional should at least know how this works. 

They should know the following things: 

  • rules of the platform
  • number of participants 
  • activity 
  • growth and potential


Getting clients or customers is vital for a business. And more so when they come back for more of your offers. 

The process of social media marketing lets a business get more of these. This is the system of getting sales. 

A social media marketing professional should know how this works. Because to use social media well, it’s not limited to using the platforms. It also has to reach out and convert audiences and keep them. 

I will repeat it again, a social media marketing professional isn’t limited to one thing. This professional should at least know and act on these core competencies. 

Finally, we’re going to look at …

The Level of Mastery of Social Media Marketing Professionals

In the search for mentors or hires, you need to have an idea of their levels of Mastery. 

In this case, we’re going to look at mastery through the lens of Robert Greene’s Mastery. These three levels include: 

1. Apprentices

2. Creative-Actives 

3. Masters 


The level of understanding of apprentices is limited to the basics or none at all. They at least have the knowledge, and some experience and skill, on the fundamentals of social media. 

Though you can learn from them, they cannot be your mentors. If you want to hire them, they present both risks and potential for you and your business. You have to know their character and how they can give you the value of your career or business needs.  

Ask them about the following things: 

1. What they know about the core competencies.

2. What their motivations are.

3. What their career or business direction is.

4. How they can give you value.


These are the actual professionals. Not only do they have an in-depth knowledge of the core competencies. They also have a track record of success. 

If you aim to get them as your mentors, go for it. They will teach you much. But sooner or later, you will have to make sure that you will achieve mastery. Also, these are the people you have to hire to help your business. 

Ask them about the following things: 

2. Can you show me a portfolio or a sampling of your work? 

1. What kind of social media campaigns have you accomplished? 

3. If I hire you, how will you increase my leads, sales, or retention? 


Rarely will you find masters. Not only are they experts, but they also transcend beyond professionalism. They can create a standing above their peers. 

If you are a learner, get a mentor who is a master. Learn and even try your best to surpass them. If you plan to hire them, the potential benefits outweigh the costs. 

By looking and emulating masters, you have a better chance to learn and elevate your business. 

It’s generally hard to get the attention of masters. Much more to ask them questions. So for the most part, you can see the following things about masters…

  • they create new systems 
  • they have made creative-actives and even masters 
  • they transcend beyond professionals

You have to understand, you have the potential to become or hire the best kind of social media marketing professionals. 

You could be a newbie freelancer, new hire, or entrepreneur. When you know what a social media marketing professional knows, you’re on your way to becoming or hiring the best one. 

Why You Need to Learn Social Media Marketing Now

Why learning social media marketing is important now

Is social media marketing so important that you have to learn it NOW? 

Well, think about it. You can either work as a freelancer, entrepreneur, or employee, and you will probably face the following situations… 

  • Get clients through Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn
  • Promote your products or services using a Facebook Page or maybe Facebook ads 
  • Use messaging platforms to communicate with potential buyers and suppliers 
  • Talk to thought leaders or influencers to get their endorsement or learn from them

Whether you like it or not, social media marketing is now a big part of who we are in this day and age. 


In this article, we’re going to look at … 

  1. Reasons Why You Need To Learn 
  2. Why You Should Learn SMM NOW
  3. What to Focus When Learning Social Media Marketing

Let’s begin…

Why Do You Need To Learn? 

I know this question is a bit cliche. But the relevance of learning something is increased when we ask this question. Because when we know WHY we need to do something, it will be easier for us to be motivated and persevere in our learning. 

Here are three essential reasons: 

  • Keeping Healthy.

Yes, we do have to admit that social media itself has its potential health downsides. But when you consider learning the ins and outs of social media marketing as a marketable skill, you actually help yourself in keeping yourself healthy. 

Learning stimulates brain activity that keeps potential debilitating brain diseases at bay. Understanding the intricacies of social media can be interesting enough to get the mind thinking and running. And with the right guidance, it can be a skill that helps us grow in this modern world. 

  • Business and Work Opportunities. 

An improved skill set is always an advantage to the worker, freelancer, or entrepreneur. So when we invest in learning skills, we also invest in ourselves. 

This investment will help us. And this isn’t only to find jobs and businesses that sustain us. It also helps us have the advantage of getting the best opportunities in business and life. It gives us an edge that no one else can take from us. 

  • Fulfilling Goals and Dreams. 

Every goal and dream that we have can only be fulfilled through skilled action and perseverance. This means we need to take advantage of the resources that our skill sets provide. The skills and experience we get from learning are vastly crucial in getting things done. 

Of course, the skills we use should be relevant to the goals and dreams that we create. And right now, social media marketing has great potential for helping us achieve them. 

Whatever your reasons for learning, it should be able to fit whatever your plans are. 

And right now, your business must start using social media marketing. Let’s talk about …

Why You Should Learn Social Media Marketing 

So you know your reasons (or not) for learning. But the question remains, why should you learn social media marketing? 

In your work, freelancing career, or business, you need to understand that you need to get timeliness, reach, and potential. This means that you should be able to take advantage of something that will help you achieve your goals, dreams, and possibilities. 

In this, social media marketing can help you. 

So here are three reasons why you should learn it… 

  • Nearly EVERYONE uses it. 

Oh, you have an idea that there are a lot of social media users. But you’ll be surprised at the statistics that Simon Kemp wrote for The Next Web just this January 2019. In his article, he mentioned that …

  • There are 5.11 billion unique mobile phone users in the world today. 
  • Currently, there are 4.39 billion internet users in 2019. 
  • In 2019 alone, there are 3.48 billion social media users. 
  • In January 2019 3.26 billion people use social media on their mobile devices.

And reading this, you probably are a social media user. When you understand the vast number of people using a tool or platform, wouldn’t it be wise to also learn about it and the people who use it? Now, this is important to note for the next reason… 


The great copywriter Gary Halbert equated selling a product or service to selling a hamburger. He said that the only advantage you need to sell a hamburger is a hungry crowd. After all, people will definitely buy that hamburger when they are starving. 

Now consider your product or service like the proverbial hamburger. Next, look at social media and its users as a potential hungry crowd. Isn’t it amazing that you can actually reach that vast ocean of people and provide them the value you create? 

Gone are the days when it takes a lot of money, time, and effort to reach out to the right audience and target market. You can easily find the ideal customer or client when you know how and who to look for. 

And this can quickly be done when you have a deep understanding of how social media marketing works. Because when you do, you get to see the possibilities of getting the right people to not only buy from you but also help you. 

Which brings us to the next important reason…


The potential for growth is one of the things you have to look for when learning a skill. And in social media marketing, this is very evident. 

Consider Facebook. For a company that is about 15 years old, it has not only reached out to billions. It has also managed to affect pop culture, politics, and life. 

Not only that, but it has also affected the way we reach out to potential clients and customers. Right now, if you don’t use it for business or your career, you are wasting it! 

But Facebook isn’t the only aspect of social media that has potential. Other things within it can be used not only to get business but also to provide value and change life for the better. 

At this stage, its potential is limitless. And no doubt, we have to learn how to use it so that we can harness its potential. 

Considering those things, we do need to keep our focus on what to learn in social media marketing. That’s why we also have to answer the question …

What Do We Need To Focus On When Learning Social Media Marketing? 

With its vast scope, it’s ironic that most of the learning materials or courses online are limited in their focus. Think about it, social media isn’t just learning how to use Facebook, Instagram, and all the platforms around. Social media marketing involves learning about the interaction and use of different skills. 

And when you learn about social media marketing, you need an understanding and focus on the following things: 

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Branding
  • Copywriting 
  • Content Creation 
  • Lead Generation
  • Platforms and Technologies 
  • Business Systems 
  • Client Acquisition

Let me be clear, social media marketing is a skill set. When we focus on the right skills, especially the ones mentioned, we not only become competent professionals. We also extend the value we create for our bosses, clients, and customers. 

Now knowing these things. Hopefully, you have greater motivation to learn about social media marketing for your career and business. 

Because let’s face it, your work, freelancing, or business can really take advantage of social media marketing. That’s why it’s important to learn it NOW.