The Influencer Formula Revealed: How 11 Ordinary Filipinos Became Industry Influencers

Now, we're all bringing everything together so that you can use what you learned in the previous lessons. This will help you in becoming the influencer that you are meant to be. Get ready to become the sought out expert that prospects, clients, and other people will fight to get your attention from. 

So let’s learn ...



What's that? 

Well, let's look at ...



Orange has been working as a freelancer since 2009. Mostly she serves clients from the US and Canada. 

She started out with next to nothing while taking care of her children as a single mom. She then took the time to invest in learning social media in 2018. Since then, she has gotten the wins that go beyond just the clients that she had. 

This included getting paid higher rates and handling more significant accounts. For example,  she was able to bag $2000 in a month from applying her learnings in social media. Aside from that, she was also able to help victims of a storm in the northern part of Luzon. 

Social Media has helped her get the direction to becoming the best in her field of expertise.


Marianne started out working in a call center. She hated the experience. There were office politics and ungodly working hours. And for the most part, she felt that she didn't belong. 

She took the risk of leaving what was a stable job. She then became a home-based General Virtual Assistant for a Digital Marketing Agency. Later, she found out about a group that teaches social media to people like her. 

She then took the time to invest in learning. She bought a course and joined a community where social media was taught. Of course, there were setbacks on her end. And there was a time that she stopped for a while. But she realigned her goals. She decided that she has to control her freedom. 

And so she continued learning, practicing, and applying the skills she gained in social media. Now, she is confident that nothing is impossible when working in social media.


Dominic, or as he is known Doms, works as a SaaS copywriter. He has a love of persuasion, marketing strategies, and automation. Aside from copywriting, he is also a chatbot expert and wedding photographer and business owner. And recently, he was featured as one of the top 100 Filipinos to follow in Linkedin. 

Back in May 2018, a former client of his told him about the power of using social media in business. He then enrolled in a course that too him was jam packed with valuable information and a detailed curriculum. 

In his work and learning in social media, he learned about the importance of customer avatars, proper messaging, Facebook ads, and other marketing strategies. With his skill set, including copywriting and chatbots, he is a force to be reckoned in his industry. 

His expertise in social media is top-notch; that's why he has become a consultant and mentor to wedding photographers. In the future, he plans to set up an agency so he can spend more time with his family.


Mariane loves to hustle while having travel adventures. She has recently started her own Youtube channel called Mariane Potato. This showcases her travels as a vlogger and freelancer. 

At the moment, she works as a copywriter and content writer for nearly four years. She helps business owners sell whatever they want through persuasive writing. She does this so well that it's common to hear from her clients that she has put into words what they can't express. 

She then started learning social media in 2018. And she hasn't looked back ever since. With the help of skills she learned in social media, she has gained the confidence to work and travel as a freelancer. She has also benefited from the connections that she made in the course and accountability group of her social media course. 

In the long run, Mariane wants to help others just like her through the experiences she had while learning how to use social media.


Sheila used to work in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as a nurse. Then in 2015, she resigned and went back home and started an online career. Right now, she works full-time as a freelancer who does social media management for more than 3 years. 

And this works out well for her. She loves being at home. And her work as a social media manager makes her busy handling the social media accounts of her clients. She started learning and investing in social media because she wanted to upgrade her skills and knowledge. This has made her a sought after social media manager in the end.  

She has come to see that social media enables her to see a bigger world for freelancers. Her connections grew, and she gained a lot of friends. She felt belongingness with people. Of course, she has made it a point to improve herself in any way that she can.


Ruben is an expert in messenger marketing, Facebook ads, and financial education. While still currently working for the largest media outfit of the country, he gained knowledge and expertise in social media. 

He started learning about social media in 2017. At that time, he was not really going to take it seriously. But at the convincing of a friend, he invested his time on learning how to become better in social media. 

Because of his determination to become better, he can drive traffic and convert sales by up to 200% using chatbots. He is one of the experts in social media that you have to meet.


Maria Consuelo Babas, or Cons as she likes to be known, is a social media strategist and marketer. She also has to Copywrite, Facebook funnels and Ads, chatbots, and community management in her skill set. She has set up her own business in social media and now serves local and foreign entrepreneurs. 

But before that, she used to work in the corporate rat race for 20 years as a marketer. She did product, brand, and trade marketing work across multinational and local companies. This made her realize that in the end, she wanted to use her expertise to build and run her own business. 

Taking a leap of faith, she resigned. As she tried working on different business ideas, she found a love of writing that made her start a digital product business and social media servicing. In the end, she realized that social media can help her grow her business.


Ken-ken is a conversational hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner and trainer. He is also a sales, persuasion, and negotiation expert. At the moment, he handles a community of learners and experts in NLP and hypnosis. 

With the help of social media, not only was he able to build and expand his community. He is also known as the go-to expert when it comes to corporate work. With his learning and experience in social media, he was able to make a community that leverages experts in sales, persuasion, and negotiation. 

And he's not stopping anytime soon. He continues to teach his skills to a broader audience using social media.


Blessy is a mom from the northern part of the Philippines. A nurse by profession, she started working at home as an ESL teacher. She did this because she wanted to be closer to her child. She then transitioned from teaching into becoming an expert in social media. 

She is known as a seasoned graphic content creator. Her expertise includes the use of Instagram, Pinterest, Canva, and Photoshop. Her prowess in visual design and content creation has made her a popular speaker in virtual summits. And it's impressive that she got through all of this while taking care of her children. 

She owes all of this to her investing her time to study and learn social media. As her expertise grows, she then becomes a better expert across time.


Yumi, as she is known, is a virtual assistant and content creator. To date, she has more than 446,000 followers in TikTok. She is considered as one of the top influencers when it comes to the platform here in the Philippines. 

She started using social media for her work as a virtual assistant. And in the end, she became an expert in TikTok.


Bo got kicked out of his office-based ESL job in mid-2017. Desperate to find something that will sustain him, he tried his hand working at home online. He did work as an office-based ESL worker. But for him, that wasn’t enough. 

Finally, in late 2017, he found work as a freelance copywriter. And he hasn’t looked back. Now he works to provide value using a mix of content marketing, copywriting, personal branding, and social media. 

After all his failures and mistakes, he has learned that reaching out and being a part of a community has helped him in his work as a digital marketer. And this is because he knows the power of social media. In his work, He has leveraged it to help himself. 

So let's look at...


When you look at their stories, there are always things in common. And they usually involve the following items: 





Let's look at all these in turn...


Now, all these individuals had to refine and build their skill sets. First of all, it helps them become competent in the work they do. This helps in increasing the value of their services. 

In one way or another, they invested in time, money, and effort to build and refine their skills. Because these skills will also help them provide the value that their target markets need. 

Of course, they also have to...


They also had to bring themselves out there. This means that they have to be visible online. And when they are viewable online, they get to increase the number of their followers. 

These followers will then become the people that they serve. They will also be able to reach out to the market because of these followers. 

And while they are increasing the number of their followers, they also have to...


In one way or another, they also have to engage and influence the people who follow them. This is a way to start a conversation with them. In the long run, they will then be converted to actual fans. 

Of course, this will all lead to...


Let's face it, they need to be able to grow their fanbase. And for that to happen, their engagement should lead to conversion and growth. 

Converts are usually people that take in their services for the first time. Think of it as an initial sale. Sooner or later, those converts will then come back for more of the services offered. And in the long run, they can help grow the business or fan base by inviting others as well. 

But through all these, SOCIAL MEDIA plays a big part in becoming an influencer. 

Social Media helps in...

  • LISTENING. This is where the Influencer becomes aware of the trends, market, competition, and the people they ought to serve. 

  • INFLUENCING. This is where they give value by creating and sharing content that entertains, educates, and enlightens. 

  • NETWORKING. This is where they reach out in partnership with individuals and groups so that their cause will have a broader, more impactful reach. 

  • SELLING. This is where they give value in the form of services, products, or partnerships in exchange for profit as well. 

And in all these, SOCIAL MEDIA IS LEVERAGED. Social Media becomes a catalyst that will help them achieve their goals. Not just as influencers, but also as leaders who make an impact in their space. 

They had to... 

  • LEARN 


  • APPLY 

Social Media. 

And in the process, they became elevated from ordinary individuals to industry influencers. 

But you have to ask...

How did they learn to use social media? 

How did these ordinary individuals gain the expertise that they use to succeed in their freelancing, business, and home-based work? 

Now, imagine using what they learned to help you in your goals as a freelancer, entrepreneur and home-based worker. 

Imagine being like them. Imagine being part number 12 in this list. Imagine surpassing them in what you do online. 


We're going to find out in the next and final lesson. 

In the meantime, we'd love to know what the number one thing you learned in this lesson. So please, comment below! 

See you in the next lesson!

Melissa Profeta