How to Write Viral Content That Positions You as an Expert

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In our last lesson, we talked about how to ...


In that last lesson, you discovered… 

  • The reason why you need the right kind of followers to elevate your business, freelancing, and remote work 
  • Why 1000 followers is a good start for you to aim at 
  • The exact steps that you have to take to get there 
  • Growth hacking tips and tactics that will grow your fanbase 

But now you want something better. And this is going to launch you to heights you never even thought possible… 



Oh, you might not even admit it. But it’s something that will raise the bar to reaching out the audience that will build you up.

In your business

In your freelancing … 

In your remote or home-based work … 

So in this lesson, we will learn concepts and strategies that will help you amplify your reach to the right audience. So when they see the content that your create, you will be known as the expert that they want to follow and hire. 

You won’t just be a celebrity in your niche

You’ll become an icon of a movement. 

You’ll become the leader of a tribe. 

You’ll become a symbol of a living breathing community that continuously grows exponentially. 

Because let’s face it… 


So in this lesson, we’re going to tell you how to create content that goes viral and positions you as the expert in your chosen field.

If you are up for that, then let’s get down to business by learning… 

  • Why You Need Your Content to Go Viral (and why it doesn’t have to be unethical and scandalous)
  • The Theory of Going Viral
  • The Reasons Why People Share Content 
  • Three Powerful Things That Help Your Content Become Viral

So let's start with... 


By now, even those who don't use social media for their businesses or careers know the meaning of the term "viral."

After all, when something goes "viral" it's a guarantee that it brings a lot of awareness to the content. 

Let's first define what "viral" content is...

According to, viral content is material, such as an article, an image or a video that spreads rapidly online through website links and social sharing.

Usually, people share this because it touches the hearts and minds of an audience. It then goes through a lot of people. And like a virus spreading a disease quickly, it becomes well known. 

But what does that have to do for you as an entrepreneur, freelancer, or remote worker? 

Well, viral content will help you ...

  • Have a more significant reach beyond your target audience 

  • Demonstrate your expertise on a subject matter 
  • Build your authority as the go-to person in your field 

Viral content will help you be seen on the top of the mind of the people you want to serve. Not only will you get famous, but you also are seen by more people outside your target audience. 

Now here’s the thing, we think of viral content as something negative. And no doubt some of them are. Also, there’s an idea that viral content was created using evil and unethical means. 

We think this means creating content that could be …

  • scandalous 
  • controversial 
  • stupid 

But you don’t need to do that! You can create great content that will entertain, educate, and enlighten your audience - while being viral. 

You can create viral content by ethical means. You can still achieve this even while you stay the same authentic you.  

And what you have right now is enough to make it go viral. All you have to do is make it stick so your audience can share it. 

And yes, you provide the value that a wider audience will come to appreciate and love. 

You give the positive impact that you deserve to give.

Now that we have an idea of why we need viral content, let's try to understand how it works. Let's go through... 


There have been several reasons why content will go viral. But in our case, let's look at something that we can readily apply for ourselves. 

This was created by an expert Video Creator named Dennis "Shoden San" Abad. He was able to help his clients make a marketing video go viral and thus create more reach. 

According to him, viral content depends on increasing the number of three things. Namely: 

  • Number of People Who See Your Content 
  • Number of People Who Share Your Content 
  • Number of Reasons For People To Share 

Let's look at these in turn... 


This depends mostly on how visible you are online. That's why you need to build up your fanbase so that you are seen more. This means that your content is also seen more by people. 

Now, this is the first step in getting your content to become viral. But this is not enough. That's why you need ...


Virality isn't just being seen. It means that there is a high level of engagement. And the best kind of engagement is for your content to be shared with more people. 

Imagine this, you have 1,000 true fans who will fight tooth and nail to share your content. And each one of them is capable of convincing at least 10 people in their network to share that content as well. 

So from being seen by only 1,000 people, you can potentially reach 10,000 people. But wait, understand that those people will, in turn, convince others to share your content. 

In the end, what you created can potentially reach hundreds of thousands and even millions or billions. That is the power of virality. And it will help position yourself as the expert that everyone needs. 

Of course, for your content to be shared, you need to give...


You have to realize that people have their reasons to share something. When you know those reasons, you can hijack their thoughts to share the content you create. 

So realize that you need these 3 things to be able to make your content viral. 

Now, let's look at the ...


It's great that you have a following. And you know that these are your true fans. But after your fans have shared the content you create, you need to know the reasons why the people outside your fanbase will share. 

Now, this is another thing that Shoden has taught us. These reasons are...

  • Making People Look Good
  • Making People Feel Good 
  • Teaches People 
  • Connect With Others 

Let's look at these in turn...


Ask yourself, will the content that I intend to go viral make the person look good when it is shared? You have to realize that people have a sense of pride that they want to maintain - even if they don't admit to it. 

So the content you create should ...

  • Build their authority 
  • Show them as better individuals 
  • Show them as better than their peers

When you get all these elements, you should... 


Of course, the content you create makes the reader feel good. You then have to make sure that it should make people good sharing it. 

This means that the content you create that they can share should fulfill the following desires in the sharer: 

  • gaining more
  • making things easier 
  • getting affection
  • feeling superior 
  • being justified 
  • feeling contentment 
  • feeling that they have something better 

Once you have these feelings built in your content, it should also ...


People get information for survival. The content you create should teach people something that will aid in their survival and to thrive in their environment. 

If you don't have this in your content, then it becomes irrelevant, and it won't be shared.  


Finally, people at the very core want to connect with other people. If your content helps them in this fundamental need, along with the other three aspects, you have content that could potentially grow viral. 

Understand this as well, you have to make sure that the audience through your viral content will come to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you. 

Now before we go to the next idea, we have to realize something. Going viral goes to different levels. 

First of all, your work or what you do can go viral - even without people knowing who you are. 

Secondly, you can go viral within your niche or market.

And finally, you can go mainstream viral - where you expand exponentially beyond your reach. 

In fact, you don't need to go viral in the mainstream media. As long as it's the right people who see, share, and engage in it, that's good enough.

Finally, we're going to talk about... 


Now that you know what you need and the reasons for virality, we're going to look at some tactics that will help your content go viral. These are... 

  • Controversy and Polarization
  • Piggybacking on Humor, Tragedy, and Trending News 
  • Consistency 

Let's look at these... 


Ever wonder why political posts are so hot and viral? Think about posts pitting supporters and those against Duterte or Trump. Notice the comments and the emotions in it. There's always a trigger that makes it noticeable to people. 


Because politics breeds controversy and polarization. They divide people between their own angles of good or bad. 

But it's not just politics. It also includes issues. At the moment of reading this, you might be aware of the treatment of Chinese nationals coming into different countries. There have been people clamoring that they should go out. There have been accusations of racism. Why? Because of the outbreak of a virus from Wuhan, China. And the news about it tends to be divisive. 

Controversy and polarization either makes you a good or bad guy. But more than that, it will help you gain the attention that will make you visible. 


You have to choose aside. And you have to double down to support it. You could be wrong or right, but the attention will make you seem like a thought leader or expert. 

Think about the non-medical "investigative journalist" who said that the term "cervical" was only related to women. She got a lot of attention and comments from medical professionals who said how wrong she is. 

And even if she's wrong, she doubled down and took her stance. Not a good idea in the short run. But in the end, it gives her the attention that gives credence to her relevance. 

Which leads us to another tactic which is... 


Just recently, Kobe Bryant along with his daughter and a handful of passengers died on an aircraft accident. There was an outpouring of grief and content that showed that this basketball star was important in their lives. Even those who were not fans of the sport gave their piece and added #mambaforever in their posts. 

But what can you do? People will tend to piggyback on news that is trending. It could be funny or tragic. But a content creator who wants to be known will happily exploit these things. 

So in the wake of this beloved basketball superstar's death, you will see marketers, insurance agents, politicians, and even average people share their thoughts with their own spin. And yes, a lot of these posts go viral. 

Now I'm not saying that you should exploit every tragedy that comes your way. But when you know how to piggyback to trending news, it works to give you a level of notoriety that builds your image as a thought leader. 

Of course, you have to post content with...


People want you to be consistent with the content you create. This builds your authority, and you build an audience that goes beyond your audience. 

You have to realize that you have to get more attention. Because any attention is good attention in the long run. People might forget the controversies or polarizations that you shared. But when you are consistently on the top of your mind, you will then get always viral results.

Which makes it essential to nurture and build your true fans. Having thousands of followers will help you in distributing your content. And when you add up consistency, you make a more robust chance to grow viral. 

So, we've talked about building a fanbase and making viral content. 

In the next lesson, we will learn... 


Of course, we'd love to hear your thoughts on this. So please, comment below! 

See you in the next lesson! 

Melissa Profeta