How to Get Your First 1,000 Followers in the Next 30 Days

What if I told you that in the next 30 days or less, you’ll be able to:

  • Get clients knocking at your door...
  • Be known as an in-demand expert in your desired field…
  • Double, triple, or even 5X your current income...
  • Charge premium fees whenever you like…
  • Increase your chances of working with your dream clients...
  • Start a thriving agency or online business from scratch...
  • Get more high-quality customers for your brick-and-mortar business...

...and so much more. 


All you need to do is ONE THING...

Gain the Right Followers... 

In this post, that’s what we’ll show you…

But before we start, we’d like to tell you that...

(X) You won’t have to spend money on ads

(X) You won’t have to pointlessly add hundreds of people so they see your posts.

(X) You won’t even have to post every single day.

What we’ll show you is a PROVEN method for getting your first 1,000 followers for free. 

And this will work even if you’re just starting out, you have no idea how social media works, or you’ve tried other strategies before but failed. 

Here’s exactly what you’ll discover: 

  • Why Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and Remote Workers Need More Followers. 
  • The Number of Followers You Should Aim For 
  • The Steps You Have To Take 
  • Growth Hacking Tips For Growing Your Fanbase

So, let's start with... 


Let's face it, more followers means more attention…

...and in 2020, more attention increases your chance to make more money. 

For example…

If you’re an entrepreneur and you have loyal followers, you can easily make 7-figures per month by selling P1,000 products. 

If you’re a remote worker and you have the *right* followers, you can easily create an agency or hold paid workshops for a nice side income. 

If you’re a freelancer and you have the *right* followers, you can “cherry-pick” the clients you work with and you’ll no longer worry about feast-and-famine cycles. 

And how would you do this?

Well, you can start with...

The Three-Step 1K Acquisition Framework

Step #1: Reaching to the Right Audience. 
Step #2: Getting More Leads, Conversions, and Retentions. 
Step #3: Providing the Best Value to Those Who Need it. 

Let's talk about each of these in turn. 


Remember this. What you do as a business, freelancer, or remote worker isn't for everyone. There's a saying in sales that goes like this: 

When you sell to everyone, you sell to no one. 

You need the right audience that will listen, follow, and share you with more people. And this means being able to have followers that will readily accept, live, and spread out your cause. 


For any business to be profitable, you need leads, conversions, and retentions. This means having the right kind of prospects (leads) that will eventually buy from you (conversions) and come back for more (retentions). 

And where do you get this? You get this from your pool of followers. They start out becoming potential customers. Then they are converted to your product, service, or cause. Finally, they build up the loyalty that will make them your advocates.


Let's face it, the core of any business is the exchange of value. You might have a product, service, or cause that is the source of your value. But without the followers that will take it, the value you exchange is as good as nothing. 

This is where followers come in. They eventually take in the value that you produce. In turn, they also exchange value in the form of payment or inviting others to your cause. 

Obviously, you might have reasons of your own. But in the end, you have to reach the right audience that will become your followers. These, in turn, will become the potential customers that will come back for more. And of course, you exchange value that forms a fitting relationship. 

But you have to ask yourself...

How many followers do I need? 

Well, let's look at ...

THE CONCEPT OF 1000 True Fans 

Have you ever heard of Kevin Kelly's theory of 1000 True Fans

Well, you have to start with this. You have to look for your first 1000 true fans. These are the right kind of followers you need. Not just someone who followed you on Instagram or Facebook. You need true fans that will bring your level up. 

So what's a true fan? 

Well, a true fan is defined by three things: 

  • They will buy everything you create 
  • They are dedicated to your purpose and message 
  • They will make sure to share you to everyone they know

Think about a Star Trek fan who often goes to the San Diego Comic-Con. He might know every single aspect of the franchise. He will go to any convention or event with fellow fans. He will buy every product or merchandise. And for the most part, he will fight tooth and nail to promote and keep true to the Star Trek mythos. 

Now, imagine having a fan like this for your business, freelancing, or remote work. 

That's why you have to start with finding and building up your first 1000 true fans. 

But how do you find and nurture your 1000 true fans? 

Let's talk about ...


In building your followers or fanbase, you need to do the following steps: 

Step #1: Identify Your Superpower and Who You Want to Serve
Step #2: Research 
Step #3: Pick a Platform
Step #4: Create Content 
Step #5: Make Things Happen

Let's look at these in turn... 


You and I know that you are good at something. Anything. You have to find a way to leverage this. This will help you attract the right people to serve. 


First of all, find the one thing that you're better at than most people. It could be a skill, product or service. You can know this by observing people who compliment you about that skill. 

Next, you have to find a 'persona' you want to serve or resonates with you. Better yet, find people you can help that resonates with you. Focus on 1 to 2 of these to start out. 

Once you have this, you then have to... 


You have to know. That's why research is always essential in helping inform what you do.  You have to research the following: 

  • How Needed is your Superpower - This is known as market analysis. 
  • People who do something similar to you - This is known as competitor research and analysis 
  • People/Personas you want to serve - This is known as target market research

Having gathered information, you can then put it in a document that will help you in creating a strategic message to the people you want to serve. 

This will help you to...


In social media, people tend to have a favorite platform. Here in the Philippines, it's usually Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And recently, we have seen the rise of TikTok in the world. 

The platform that you choose will help you reach out to the people you want to have as followers. So how do you choose the right platform? 

Well, it goes like this... 

  1. Use something that you enjoy personally. 
  2. Since you did your research, use the platforms where your target audience often hangs out
  3. Focus on 1-2 platforms, to begin with, and expand as you increase your following. 

You can actually choose the following platforms to help you out: 

  • Facebook
  • Instagram 
  • Twitter 
  • LinkedIn 
  • Youtube 
  • TikTok 

Once you have chosen the platform, you can then ...


Yes, content is essential. It will help you reach out and give value to your followers. Play your cards right, and your following or fanbase will come back for more. 

The content you create should entertain, educate, and enlighten. You can also use the following kinds of content that will no doubt keep your audience and get you more: 

  • Written Content 
  • Images 
  • Videos 

With the right kind of content, you are having a meaningful conversation with your audience. This, in turn, will also reach out to those who are in your target market. 

Finally, you have to... 


The content you create doesn't just have to stay in your digital folder. It has to see the light of digital day. This means you have to publish the content that you create consistently. 

In doing so, you keep your audience coming back for more. Here are some guidelines you can use: 

  1. Consistency in Publishing. You need to be consistent in creating content and sending it out. 
  2. Rewarding Engagement. Of course, if your content is right, you will have more people engaging and sharing it. Reward the people who engage and share by recognizing them.
  3. Refining Your Message. Your message to your fans will change. This means understanding what they want and need as you go along. 

These steps will help you in gaining the followers you need for your business. But of course, you want to have it faster. So, here are some ...


Let's face it, you want to do things better in the long run. So, why not use the following growth hacks that will help you build your fanbase up. 

  • Audience Jacking 
  • Giveaways 
  • 3x3x30 Facebook Group Attention Hacking Strategy

Let's look at these in turn...


You might not have any idea who the right audience is for you. So, you can start with this hack. You can find other influencers who have your ideal audience. 

You can then engage with their comments, reply to them, and follow them. You can also create comments that will build up the influencer you are following. 

In doing this, you build goodwill not only to the influencer's audience but also to the influencer itself. 


This is a super effective and inexpensive way to grow your following. After all, people love contests, free stuff, and of course, winning. 

You do have to be strategic on this. This means knowing the right item to give for free and setting up conditions. Your conditions could be the following: 

  1. Follow You
  2. Tag 3 Friends 
  3. Tag You in Their IG Story 

The possibilities are endless when you are willing to give something to gain their trust. 


In doing this, you have to identify 3 Facebook Groups where your audience hangs out. Answer 3 questions for each group for 30 days. You directly GAVE value to 270 people in 30 days, while hundreds-thousands of others now know about you. 

In the end, this will lead to people believing you as an expert or authority that they need. This will inevitably lead to more followers and fans. 

So these are the tips that will help you growth hack your way into a larger fan base. 

Now imagine doing this for yourself. 

Ask yourself the following questions... 

  1. What do I gain when I follow all of these steps? 
  2. What stops me from doing this, and how will I overcome what's stopping me? 
  3. What will my fans tell me after using these steps?

When you answer these questions, you form a clearer picture of you taking action. 

Do this, and it will help you reach out to the audience that wants and needs you. 

But hey... it doesn't end here. This is just Part 1! 

In the next lesson, we will learn...   


In the meantime, comment below 🙂 

See you at the next lesson!

Melissa Profeta