Goal Setting for Social Media AD 2020

Happy New Year! It's over a week now, and there are lots of things to do for you and your social media. Here's the question, though... 

Have you thought about setting goals for your social media activities? 

Before you answer this question, let me show you a couple of scenarios...

Carl is the owner of a restaurant. And while he's glad that things worked out well in 2018, he wanted to level things up in 2019. It's not just about the operations of his business. He also wants to have more customers in his restaurant. 

He decided to use his restaurant's social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) for that coming year. But too bad, he doesn't have a clear plan of action on what to do. 

And because he doesn't have a plan, the efforts that he does in social media are not as efficient as he wants it to be. 

Here's another one... 


Jane was assigned by his boss to head the social media team of her company's marketing department for the new year. She was given some ideas on what the company wants for the following year. But the problem is, it's not very clear. 

Jane knew that she can work very well on social media. But for her, it's enough to have the vague directives that her company gave. 

Unfortunately for her, it has stopped her from getting good results for her company. Worse still, their main competitor got a more massive chunk of the target market because of their social media efforts. Now, she's afraid that she'll lose her job.

Finally, here's another one... 

Jude is a freelance artist. As an artist, he often uses social media to promote the creations that he makes. He has relied on it so much, and it has helped him sell to high-end collectors. 

But Jude was not clear on what would happen this year using social media. So he just left it to chance. 

Too bad for him, another artist who did mediocre work used social media so effectively surpassed his sales. 

Now, these people know their craft. They know how good they are. But they left out setting goals for social media. 

Let's face it. With social media becoming a more significant part of our lives, planning to use it is essential for our lives and businesses. 

That's why in this article, we will talk about ...

  1. The Case for Setting Goals for Social Media 
  2. What a Sermon Taught Me About Setting Goals 
  3. What Social Media Goals Matter for You This Year and How to Set them up

So let's learn how goals can be set this year. 

Let's start with ... 


Yes, you do know that you have goals to do this coming 2020. But why set goals for using social media? Isn't using Facebook or all the other platforms enough? 

The thing is, it still matters if you are ...

  • an entrepreneur who has to use social media to promote your business 
  • an employee or remote worker who has to use social media to help yourself and your company 
  • a freelancer who has to promote your services online 

Setting up goals in social media can mean succeeding or failing this year in your marketing efforts. 

If you do have clear goals concerning social media, then you can better...

  • listen to trends and advances 
  • influence the right kind of audience 
  • network with the right kind of people
  • sell your products or services more efficiently or profitably

But if you don't, then social media won't make a dent on your efforts to reach out to the right kind of audience. It's just going to be something that never really mattered in your social media efforts. 

You see, setting goals is essential, not just in your business and your life. It's also crucial in your social media efforts for this year. 

But you have to ask, what do I essentially need in setting the goals for the social media efforts for myself and business this year. 

Well, here's... 


In the last weeks of 2019, I was a bit unsure about the things that I have to do for 2020. Then a friend of mine invited me to his church in Davao City named Family of Faith Church International. I'm not usually attentive in churches, but the pastor who spoke had a message that kept me up. 

The pastor, Jun Yves Magdamo, gave a message about setting up a good foundation for the coming year. In his sermon, he told about ...

Three Settings We Need To Set Goals 

These are... 

  • Removing Hindrances 
  • Focusing on The Prize 
  • Persevering Until Completion 

Let me tell you more about these... 

The first thing he made me realize was that we have to set aside every weight that hinders us from doing what we need to achieve our goals. We have to imagine ourselves as swimmers taking strokes to reach the finish line. 

When we look at swimmers, they have a lean and streamlined body. They do their best to remove excess fat - and even body hair. When they do so, they can glide in effortlessly through the waters. And they swim so fast that the finish line seems easier to reach. Why do they do this? They know that every second counts. And if they lose even one second, they will also lose an edge of 50 meters. 

As people who will use social media in our efforts and even in our lives, we have to find a way to streamline the way we use it. Let's leave behind the stupid and focus on what makes us productive in social media. 

The next thing that he told us was setting sights on the goals. Yes, he did it in the context of a faithful Christian life. But it can also apply to the efforts of social media professionals. You see, he likened setting goals like a runner having "tunnel vision."

The runner focuses his sights on the finish line. He knows exactly where he is going. And whatever he does, he does his best. 

It's the same with social media professionals. And this is tied up with leaving the weight of distraction behind. The focus they create should be towards the end goal that they have set. 

Finally, the good pastor told us how to press on towards accomplishing the goals. It goes without saying that we need to have the grit and perseverance to achieve our goals. But we were told to add two more things. 

The first thing is temperance or self-control. Yes, while it is true that we have to hustle and grind and even enjoy the fruits of our labor, we also need control and moderation in the things we do. Anything in excess is wrong. And without temperance, all the time, energy, and effort will be used up, and you will be exhausted. 

And of course, we have to do this in patience as well. Patience allows us to endure the afflictions or troubles that will come our way. It also helps us maintain the course of action that we set for ourselves. When we have the patience to know that our actions will work, we have a clearer and richer path to follow. 

With those lessons mind, I know that the goals I have to set should be something that will streamline my actions, focus my direction, and help me gain control and moderation. 

Still, we have to choose what we have to work for this 2020. That's why I'm going to share some ideas with you on...


Yes, I'm going to admit. This article should have been given in the last weeks of 2019. But right now, you still have time to create goals for 2020. So let's look at the goals to set for social media. 

First of all, you have to set social media activities that will complement your overall personal and business goals. This means looking at social media through the lens of your goals in...

  • business 
  • health 
  • skill-building 
  • spirituality 
  • network building 

Let's not leave using social media to just memes and posting selfies. After all, we can use it as a tool to do good as well. 

Of course, setting up goals should not be limited to writing them down. You need to set up timelines for you to follow them. 

This means knowing what you want to achieve at the end of your year. List them down and make sure to visualize yourself, achieving them as often as possible. It will set in your mind that this is something vital that you have to commit to. 

You also have to set up quarterly and monthly milestones. This means that you have to break down your end goals and achieve steps to accomplish it through the quarters and months of the year. 

Finally, you have to list down the activities you have to work through to achieve every goal you set in place. Of course, this works better if you have a partner or a group that will hold you accountable for what you do. 

Yes, 2020 is already upon us. But there is still time to make things happen. And of course, you have to take the action that you need to achieve it. 

Cheers for the New Year! 

Boaz Moldez