Social Media and Digital Marketing: A Match Made in Heaven

social media and digital marketing a match made in heaven

Social Media will always be a part of digital marketing. In fact, we can say that both intertwine to form a partnership. And this partnership has affected the world in more profound ways.

When used, it can impact your job, business and freelancing career. But when you use both, it can grow and scale your business or goals by leaps and bounds.

In fact, it will help in ways you never thought possible. And when this happens, surprising things occur.

Think about it. Why don't you imagine yourself...

As a freelancer, it can help you position yourself to the right audience. And when this happens, you will have an immense advantage. It helps you get the clients you want and deserve.

As an employee, knowing how to use these can help you in building an edge. It can put you above the rest of the workforce. And this can spell a raise or a promotion.

As an entrepreneur, this can help you reach out to the people who need your products and services. In turn, it enables you to get the profit that will run and grow your business.

But you have to ask...


How does Social Media fit your Digital Marketing efforts?

In this article, we're going to look at the way social media can impact your digital marketing actions. We'll look into...

1. What Does Digital Marketing do for you?

2. What Does Social Media Do For You?

3. How Do You Combine Both Social Media and Digital Marketing

Now let's look into each part starting with...

What Does Digital Marketing Do For You?

It's no secret, digital marketing is here to stay. And for one thing, it has changed beyond the mere use of the internet.

The term "digital marketing," started with the launch of the first search engine Archie.  It has evolved to so much more than we can all imagine.  It now includes technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. And it has reached every continent in the world.

But at its core, digital marketing seeks to bridge the gap. And it makes a connection between businesses and their target audience. And for it to happen, it touches upon the following concepts:

  • Attraction. Digital marketing first captures attention. Why? Because attention is a foot in the door that influences someone to buy something.
  • Engagement. Of course, selling involves interaction. This meaningful interaction sets the path to someone ending up in...
  • Conversion. Conversion is the point of the first sale. This means convincing a prospect to get the product or service. But it shouldn't end with that. It can go on to...
  • Loyalty. For a business to profit, it should have a meaningful relationship with its target. This gives them repeat profits. And more than that, their repeat customers bring in more customers through...
  • Advocacy. Often, satisfying customers bring in new converts. With digital marketing amplifies this and makes it better.

In the end, it not only gets people to buy from businesses. It seeks to connect each and everyone. This is through the efficient use of internet technologies. In turn, refining these technologies creates better and better results.

Of course, digital marketing goes beyond that. It has come to use social media marketing to get the job done.

Even the idea of social media marketing is older than the term "digital marketing". It started with sending the first email in 1971. And in 1997, social interaction happened online has with the site Six Degrees. Today, you can even market to more than fifty social media platforms!

In recent years, social media means using the popular platforms. This can include the following:
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit

In 2019, these are the the biggest social media platforms in use. And professionals are taking advantage of these platforms in more innovative ways.

Yes, people use it to connect. And it eliminates the physical barriers of location to create meaningful experiences. But beyond that, it can have incredible applications in business as well.


What Does Social Media Do For You?


According to Digital Marketer, Social Media helps businesses in the following things:

  • Listening. Social Media allows professionals to perform market research. This means knowing, strategizing, and planning that will help business in...
  • Influencing. Businesses need to influence so that their target market will buy from them. It also helps in...
  • Networking. Of course, influencing starts with making meaningful connections. In the long run, these connections will go through...
  • Selling. In the end, businesses get the profit they deserve. And doing this will provide the right value that their target market deserves. 

Beyond connecting people, these actions make social media more exceptional. It does this in a way that...

  • understands meaningful offers and target markets
  • persuades more
  • connects a wide array of parties
  • monetizes connections

Now, this leads us to ...

Combining Social Media and Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing and Social Media intertwined come full circle. When both these concepts come together, it completes everything.

And professionals in this field should take note of the following connections.

Because Digital Marketing and Social Media combine...

  • LISTENING to know what ATTRACTS. With the help of market research, professionals would know how to capture the attention so that they can start...
  • INFLUENCING, so the target market ENGAGES. And when there is meaningful interaction, it not only gets people to buy. It also sets the stage for...
  • NETWORKING to reach out to potential CONVERTS. The right connections often amplify the reach of a business. This makes it easier for...
  • SELLING while the target market RETAINS LOYALTY. The business gets the profit they deserve. It preserves a meaningful relationship. It extends to those who have yet to know about the company. 

This connection between digital marketing and social media still yields beautiful results. Oftentimes, this comes with surprising viewpoints.

And yet, the potential is endless. So what comes next may not be as surprising.

But a professional who knows how to use and combine both in novel ways has the edge. Which leaves us with the question:

How are you going to mix and use both?

Boaz Moldez