Why Doesn’t Your Social Media Marketing Work?

why doesnt your social media marketing work

So you think that using social media marketing will always give you success. 


Think of the following scenarios… 

You’re a freelancer handling social media accounts for a restaurant. You were expected to increase the number of followers and likes to your client’s page. But it’s the end of your contract, and you could hear crickets and no likes. 

You were assigned by your boss to handle lead generation using chatbots. But even if you made all the necessary action, you still haven’t gotten the number of leads. 

You own a business and decided to launch a course that shows your expertise. You then create a team that helps you harness Facebook ads. But at the end of our campaign, you don’t even get a conversion. 

It sounds sad, but it’s always a possibility to fail in whatever you do. And of course, this includes working in social media marketing. 

Here’s the thing, knowing, and having the skill isn’t enough. It still depends on one crucial thing. 


If you cannot execute plans correctly, you are in danger of failing spectacularly. 

You might know every strategy and skill that comes with working in social media marketing. But if your execution sucks, it’s as if you know nothing at all. 

So in this article, we’re going to understand why it isn’t working for you through the following things…

1. Why Do You Use Social Media Marketing

2. Pathologies of Execution 

3. Overcoming The Pathologies of Execution 

So let’s get to it starting with… 


Understand that when you are doing business, you are selling. And for you to be successful in selling, you need three essential things. These are … 

  • Leads. These are contact information of your potential customers or clients. You have to establish a relationship with them so that you can turn them into… 
  • Conversions. These are first time buyers of your product or service. Because you did your job well nurturing them as leads, you got them to pay for you. Now, this isn’t just the end of your relationship. If you make them feel satisfied, you can turn them into…
  • Retentions. These are your repeat-buyers. No doubt they liked what you gave them. And because of that, they keep coming back for more. 

When you use social media marketing, you have to keep these things in mind. Your end goal isn’t just to get likes. What you do is to ultimately get one, a combination, or all of those three. 


The work you do in social media to get leads, conversions, and retentions involves the MARKETING FUNNEL. 

The marketing funnel involves these stages…


Knowing these things, you now know what to aim for when doing your social media work. 

But even if you do know these things, a question remains. 

What stops me from executing correctly?

Even if we have everything we need, we don’t become successful because of the …


The pathologies of execution are reasons why a plan is not accomplished efficiently or is not a success at all. 

Professor Stanley Ridgley discusses five in his lecture on Strategic Thinking Skills. 

These are … 

1. Omission of Responsibility. 

Goals don’t work unless you actually commit to them. 

Here’s a scenario…

Josh was assigned to work handling the Facebook page for his client. The problem is, he doesn’t take it seriously. It’s as if he doesn’t have a sense of responsibility at all. 

The bottom line is this, your social media marketing won’t work if you or your team don’t take responsibility. 

If there is no commitment, there is no result. 

2. Overreach

One of the flaws we have as human beings is that we overestimate. 

We have a tendency to assume that we can produce more with the insufficient resources we have. These resources can either be time, money, or energy. 

When we overpromise and don’t have these resources, we overreach and ultimately fail. 

3. Breakdown of Communication and Coordination 

No matter how tight a plan is, there are still instances where mistakes can happen. Why? Because there are forces, we can’t control. 

And to overcome this, we have to communicate and coordinate with our teams and clients continually. 

Because when there is a breakdown in communication and coordination, failure is unsurprising. 

4. Poor Intelligence 

Knowing is half the battle. It’s the same thing with social media marketing. 

You at least need to know what you are dealing with. This means understanding the following things…

  • ideal clients
  • competitors 
  • market 

Knowing this is intelligence. And if you have little or none of this, your business is running blind. 

5. Inertia 

You have to understand that a business is dynamic. If nothing changes for a long time, you are in danger of losing your success. 

The same goes for social media marketing. Because in a world where people continuously use social media, if you don’t take action, you stay behind. 

No doubt, we all want to overcome these in our work in social media marketing. 

That’s why we’re also going to tell you …


1. Extreme Ownership 

Jocko Willink has this to say about being responsible, 

“any team, in any organization, all responsibility for success and failure rests with the leader. The leader must own everything in his or her world. There is no one else to blame. The leader must acknowledge mistakes and admit failures, take ownership of them, and develop a plan to win.”

Jocko Willink

This is EXTREME OWNERSHIP. Whether you are part of a team or leading a team for social media work, you have to consider yourself the leader of it. 

You have to make sure that you take responsibility and ownership of the projects or tasks assigned to you. 

This is how we beat the omission of responsibility. 

2. Practical Understanding

We have to understand our capabilities. Why? Because we have to be practical as well. 

It’s great when we have goals that go above and beyond. But even in social media, where results can also surprise us, we have to know what we can do. 

In knowing this, we don’t fall short trying to overreach. 

3. Swift Communication, Tight Coordination  

We have to be able to communicate as soon as we can whenever there are changes. It has to be as quick as possible. 

It’s not just sending messages regularly. It means giving relevant information promptly. 

This also means that coordination should be streamlined. It should be clear what the process should be.

Because when your communication is swift and your coordination tight, you beat breakdown.

4. Strategic Intelligence 

You have to know how to get the right kind of information that will help you and your social media marketing. 

This means being able to understand the right things on your…

  • target market
  • competitors
  • market

You have to think strategically. 

5. Constant Strategic Action

Movement is a sign of life. This also holds true when it comes to social media marketing. 

That’s why you have to continually need to take action in your work as a social media professional. 

No doubt, you have to wait and keep still at some moments. But when you consistently commit to taking action, it helps you go beyond inertia. 

Understand that we are not perfect. We occasionally fail when we face these pathologies of execution. And now that we know these, we have a better chance at success in our social media marketing.

Boaz Moldez